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Yung GooD
About Yung GooD

When you have a dream and a purpose what do you do? For Yung Good the answer was simple-work hard and strive to make the ultimate dream a reality. At the age of 15 Yung Good® noticed that he could use his unique voice to bring people together, from there, there would be no turning back.  A determined Yung Good® began to dedicate himself to writing and would spit his rhymes to anybody who would listen, taking all criticism as stepping stones toward greatness. It was during this time that Yung Good® also become a member of popular local rap group Bedda Made. In 2008, striking out on his own “Everything to Prove” his first mix tape release was well received and helped Yung Good® move closer to making his hip hop ambitions a DREAM FULFILLED.


A self proclaimed “Intellectual Thug” Yung Good® states “Anybody can do what I do, but nobody can do it like I can. Real always recognizes real.” Citing hip hop royalty like TI, Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, Jay-Z and Daft Punk among his favorites-Yung Good is determined not to be put into any singular category “Music is universal, there is something for everyone, my style is eclectic and embodies many genres all rolled into one”. Yung Good® admits he carefully watches the entrepreneurial moves of his favorites adding with a chuckle “My favorite word is Mogul, when and if the music ever stops that’s what I want to be-A Mogul”.


When asked about his biggest loves and hates the native Detroiter responded “I hate people with no sense of humor, without hesitation he added “I love my fans and all of the people who like and support my music. Imagine getting up every day and doin’ what you love to do, there is nothing like it I am truly blessed. I can’t wait to share my blessings the world”.


 With hot songs like “Life of a Rapstar”, “The Anthem”, and “Transform” Yung Good® invites you to join him on his journey to becoming member of hip hop’s elite.



MySpace: www.myspace.com/yunggoodradio
Twitter: www.twitter.com/yunggood
FaceBook Search: Yung GooD
YouTube: www.youtube.com/yunggoodhd


T.I ; Lupe Fiasco; Jay-Z; Daft Punk