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Vincent Bernay
About Vincent Bernay
You may purchase my music as digital download on my Broadjam's download store:

November 2006:
-Winner of the Broadjam's October '06 Folk Song Contest with the song Perdue.
-Finalist of the Independent Music Awards in the category New age with the song Around.

October 2006:
-2nd place of the Broadjam's 6 pack acoustic slide.
-6th grand prize winner of the Broadjam's 6 Pack.
-Semi-finalist of the 2006 Dallas songwriter association contest in the category Instrumental / TV / Film / Classical / Jazz with the song De l'Ombre à la Lumière.

August 2006:
-Semi-finalist of the UK songwriting contest with the song Around.
-Second place of the Lush Instrumental composition contest with the song Spanish Samba.

I was born in 1979, third of a musician family.
When little child, my favourite hobby was to pass hours listening beatles vinyls (especially the white album) with headphones.
At 7 years old, my parents put me at the school of music of Angers, where I learned classical music and classical guitar at nine.
Teenager, I've discovered bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Metallica and Soundgarden, and at the same time, I've started electric guitar, and my first compositions.
Later, I've discovered coolest music with Ben Harper, Fat Boy Slim, and recently Lorenna MC Kennit.
I started to think music as a project three years ago when with a friend, we made our own 8 tracks disk, and since three years all my time is devolved to music, and my work is essentially made in my home studio, with live recording (voice, guitar) and electronic work.
Lorenna Mc Kennit, medieval guitar, System of a down,....