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The Coastal Cowboys
About The Coastal Cowboys
CX: You're looking at it, so far.

RH: Well, a little more than that actually. Since I'm known for my abusive verbosity, I'll add to this one. We'd been talking about playing together for many years. About a year ago I asked Cowboy X and a neighbor (now a singer for the band Frayed) of mine if they would sing on some demos I wanted to do. My voice is average with little range.

I finally wrote a bunch of songs and in March 2005 went to CX's to debut them. He gave me the thumbs up and said let's get it done or he was going to steal them and record them. Well, I'm not sure if X liked all of them, but he did seem to like some of them. And then, Daddy got Reuben to sell our songs and it really got together when Mom sang along.

In May 2005, we recorded our first demo, Honey, I Do (Ver 1). It was a live take and sounds quite different from our Ver. 4. Started to call the 'group' E2 in May 2005, but we did not want those fellows from U2 riding our coattails to the top!

While Cowboy X and I have a lot of common ground, we are quite different. Our bond is great music, capitalism, and truth. The songs I write many times end up with a country feel (not intentional) and since we grew up near the opposite coast, the Coastal Cowboys came into being.

Early August demo She Fixes Me (ver. 5) was ready. The songs will keep coming, so please check back! It feels we are getting better with each session (which pretty much is once every other week).
Bill Nelson, Be Bop Deluxe, Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakam, Roy Clark, Semisonic, John Foxx, etc...