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Scott Hall
About Scott Hall
Timothy "Scott" Hall, Scott was born and raised in Rex, Georgia where he grew up in a musical family. His dad Dennis played many instruments and sang, and his mom Carol, who also came from a music background sang as well. They formed a trio called the Hall Trio and sang in church while Scott was growing up. Scott, being a pastor's son all during his childhood, grew up playing music in church with his dad, mom and older brother, Mark. His dad was always his idol and Scott picked up his first instrument, the piano, when he was seven years old. He never had a music teacher or anyone that sat down and showed him how to play, he just had an ear for it. In his early teens Scott then began to learn to play bass and acoustic guitar.

Scott first heard of Albert Lee and was amazed at his playing, he then started picking on the mandolin an electric guitar. Unlike most teenagers that were more interested in cars, dating and friends, Scott always stayed in his room and practiced his instruments because of the passion he had for music. After being introduced to more musicians, Scott began to perform with many bands, mainly Gospel groups. He first sang with a group called White Harvest and played the Piano. He then played guitar in a group called the John Stephens Singers. Scott has also played bass in a band with a very well known Gospel group that was put together by Charlie Beatonbo.

Traveling with many of these bands he formed his own band called All for Him and played guitar. After playing with All for Him, Scott formed a second band called 3:16 and played guitar also. Scott currently plays backup guitar and sings with his older brother's band called The Filmore's House Band. When not playing with the band, Scott gives guitar lessons and also sings at weddings. Scott has always enjoyed playing music, singing, and writing songs. Music is in Scott's blood and he was raised playing music in church and singing with bands. Scott even met his wife, Christina, through her family's gospel band in 2004.

His guitar idol's include Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Albert Lee, Brent Mason, Johnny Hiland and Steve Wariner. His favorite instrumental albums are Mark O' Conner and New Nashville Cats, Albert Lee's Gagged but Not Bound, Brent Mason's Hot Wired, The Return of the Hellecasters, and Steve Warner No More Mr. Nice Guy. He has met some of his idol's such as Ricky Skaggs and Albert Lee and hopes to meet Brent Mason and Johnny Hiland someday soon.

It has always been Scott's dream to write songs and record music and publish it to the world. His first CD was wrote and recorded in 1999 titled "It Takes Two Hearts to Make a Home". In 2004 he released his second CD "What's Next" It has always been Scott's dream to pursue a career in music and hopefully one day soon that dream will come true! He has just finished writing his third album which is a country gospel album that should be out soon.

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Click here to buy Scotts CD
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Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Albert Lee, Brent Mason, Johnny Hiland and Steve Wariner