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Untitled Book

Untitled Book

album: Untitled Book

genre: Pop

streams: 87

09/27/06 01:56:27PM @chris-drew-campbell:
This is probably my preferred song from the album with the same name: "Untitled book" shows to the world the talent of Sarah Micol as songwriter and on her taste for lyrics with a meaning. A great song, well harmonized and well built.


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Sarah Micol
About Sarah Micol
She started playing drums when she was 4. At the age of 6 she started studying piano. She first sang in public when I was 18: she performed with several local jazz bands and she developed a certain personal style.
In 1998 she won a national singing contest.
In 2000 she worked as a touristic enterteiner in Sardinia and she performed onstage as a dancer, actress and singer. In 2003 she got to know a famous italian producer, Guido Guglielminetti.
In 2003 she attended the Berklee Clinics during Umbria Jazz: she attended a vocal technique class with Donna McElroy and an improv class with Steve Prosser. She's been chosen to perform onstage with her profs and Bobby McFerrin!
In 2004 she started composing, playing and singing her own songs.
In 2005 her debut album " Untitled Book" has been released. She composed all the songs, played all the instruments and produced it entirely by herself. It's dedicated to her son Dylan, then the atmosphere is very soft and intimist.