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Returning Juvenile
About Returning Juvenile

Returning Juvenile formed in September 2008. It consists of 14 year old Travis McCarthy (Lead Guitar) and Daniel Farrell (Lead Vocal & Rythm Guitar) of Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. We're currently enrolled in Year 8 at Brauer College. We enjoy messing around on the guitars, mostly just jamming, but occasionally finding an idea we can work with. We are an Alternative Rock/Acoustic duo and we have currently recorded 2 songs with Daniel's dad David Pendragon - "Leaving" and "Forced Remorse". The drums and bass in these 2 songs were performed by Donovan Gall and Jukka Malmburg, members of the unique band Tribe World Ensemble. We write music not aspiring for fame or fortune, but simply because we love what we do.
We hope you do too.

Travis McCarthy &
Daniel Farrell -
Retuning Juvenile.

Secondhand Serenade, Strange Brew, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Pete Murray