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About Prash
Music to soothe your soul... I taught myself the guitar when I was 17... had no musical training prior to that... started playing in a few local bands... did a few shows... but before I knew it (4 years), the whole thing just ended... ...because I got admission to b-school ... and then started work...corporate work doing the tie/trouser circuit... the corporate sales grind... didnt touch music for a total of 6 years... hated every minute of it... One fine day, I just couldnt take it anymore and quit my job. I now pursue music as a fulltime profession and surprisingly manage to make ends meet... albeit barely... :) My work so far includes tv serial background scores, tv promos, radio jingles, Hindi film song arrangements, vocal work in Hindi film songs, vocal work in cartoons translated into Hindi, music production for online games, music creation for mobile gaming, and thousands of ringtones created for clients in India and Europe. My influences are too diverse to list and get a fair representation... my earliest memories of music are hindi film songs, then moving onto mainstream western pop, heavy metal, jazz and blues and then electronica. These days, I am heavily into classical, film background type of music. I've been hosting music on the net for almost two years now and think it is the future of music distribution... I have also been privileged to meet musicians of the highest calibre on the internet. I hope you enjoy my music... it doesn't belong to any single category because I truly enjoy music of all genres... and hope you will like it too! Please don't forget to leave a review of the songs heard! :)