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american anthem

american anthem

album: The Living Room Sessions

genre: Acoustic

streams: 56


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Left Standing was established in 2002. This Las Vegas original rock act is assembled by determination, motivation, and the love of music. Driven by different influences, Left Standing transforms into one energy on stage. The band consists of 5 members, Danny Pino (lead vocals), Chris Pino (bass, vocals), Beau Stewart (guitar, vocals), Jesse Pino (guitar, vocals), Zak Weidle (drums).

Left Standing serves up a welcome dose of rock & roll. The performance and sound production of the guitars, bass and drums are first-rate and create vibrant and memorable rock rhythms.. They are a group that knows no boundaries and whose apparent mission is to entertain their audience. This act puts their mark on several different styles. Making each their own, definably a rock act, they also venture into pop, alternative, punk and even a little hip-hop.
However, what’s most impressive is that there strong in every style and give their all on every song.

“We set out to make music we enjoy and can feel proud of playing — music that people we like will want to listen to. As soon as you start thinking beyond that — about wanting to keep up with the Joneses or about fitting in with somebody else's format — that's when you lose the map. So we've just done what we do, and tried to have fun doing it."

Left Standing is endlessly new and unique as time goes by. Always delivering for the fans, show after show. They are one of the few groups whose versatility does not hurt them. Indeed, it makes them a phenomenon and a must see act.