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Jeff Oster
About Jeff Oster

As one of the few trumpet/flugelhorn artists working in ambient terrain, Jeff Oster draws from a rich background of classically trained, jazz tinged horn study, mixed with contemporary electronica and loop based electro-orchestral bed tracks. This combination of flesh and circuitry, brass and silicon, breath and beats, has resulted in a sound like few others on the new age/ambient scene today. ______________________

"The creation and playing of music should be a wonderous expression of the truth, a shining glimpse of the human heart in joy or pain.

There is an innocence to this; at least there should be. Jeff Oster writes and plays music like a child feels sunlight.

There's no ego, no artifice; just the truth.

There have been a million recordings of horn players, some of them utterly brilliant, but in all these recordings there has never been anyone who incorporates so many influences or blurs genres or traditions as gracefully as Jeff Oster does.

The elements are familiar, but the synthesis is unique.

This is a milestone recording."

Will Ackerman

Windham County, VT

June 2007


"I have recorded many of the world's greatest trumpet and flugelhorn players. In fact, some of the most important that music has to offer.

So of course I thought that I had heard all that the flugelhorn and trumpet had to say musically.

That was before I had heard and mixed Jeff Oster's wonderful music.

Talk about tone, intonation, phrasing and all things wonderful about the instrument,

Jeff has it all...

Listen to this fabulous music with open ears and open hearts, please..."

Bruce Swedien

Ocala, Florida

April, 2007

Will Ackerman, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Bill Chase, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan