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Ki Hilazta Nafshi (You set my soul free)

Ki Hilazta Nafshi (You set my soul free)

album: Groyse Metsie

genre: Progressive Rock

streams: 122

12/06/06 12:28:03AM @the-wimshursts-machine:
Modernity and traditions melts here into building a special atmosphere, well dosed and well composed, where every detail is in the right place. The high energetic Kletzmer of the other track here is temperated by the slow rock ballad (almost floydish for the atmosphere), showing to the world you may play every genre you want. Great work once, musically speaking! :D


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Groyse Metsie
About Groyse Metsie
From the depths of the jewish "Nigunim"
melodies out of the jewish tradition of kabbalah.
"A groyse Metsie" skillfuly combines touching acoustic solo pieces, breakbit and funky grooves,
trip hop ambience and rock and roll power with the soulful fire of klezmer jewish music .

A Groyse Metsie is a band that brings the new into the old, a group of hyper talented-super diverse musicians who make a point of expressing a highly spiritual message in a very groovy and fun lovin way ...

Pink Floyd, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Ravi Shankar, John Mclaughling