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fpc (for popular consumption)
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For popular consumption



Quebec, Canada -  His ability to capture a mood or an energy is quite extraordinary.  You listen to songs like, “The Hunger”, and you feel as if you were watching a scene from a movie.  Actually, let me re-phrase that.  What I’m listening to is a musical score – not a song.  Perhaps a brief from one so-titled piece, “Fantasy for Strings”:  This piece is so thought provoking, so emotional.  The use of electronics, along with acoustic instruments is breathtaking.  


THIS IS For Popular Consumption (FPC).


Every note, every sequence has a purpose – has a story.  FPC’s emotions absolutely boils over.  And there is no escaping that realization of that talent that lies beneath.  It is pure, it is skilled, it is intelligent.  The ability to take an emotion or thought and transform it into such masterpieces is more than extraordinary.  I call it a fusion of Mozart meets the electronic age.  


I’m literally  blown away by the raw talent.  There is no doubt, you will be, too!


A & R Select in West Hollywood, Ca. has the distinct privilege of promoting such a rare talent.  I can physically see his scores being played in movies from all the major studios.