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Digital Adrenaline
About Digital Adrenaline

Hello I am Digital Adrenaline from California. I am 36 years old. I love to mix rave, techno, electronica, dance, and hip hop. I am best known for my dark techno, most of my friends in the music community nickname me "DarkBaby". I love to write songs and collaborate with others and remix too.....ok that was then i am 38 now it is 2010 I no longer make dark techno that was in a time in my life when i was coming to an awakening i was suffering then and made darker music to fit that suffering...now i have learned a lot in life and my faith has renewed my happiness as well..now my newer music is alive and energetic and it takes me to a place where i feel the light and the energy of that happiness...i can still relate to people who have suffered like me...some people want to hide that darkness they had at one time and be so "Hollywood" well Jesus said forgive them for they know not what they do so I am not going to hide it, it made me what i am today...sensitive and awakened...each level of conciousness and emotions put us on higher dimensions of thinking when we first get there we are excited like children and a new form of suffering takes place...to me music is how people share that void with eachother...every octave you hear opens your mind and takes you on a journey into their dream and their reality with the One...music is that Golden mean that can take you anywhere

moby, dj irene, eifel 65, daft punk, depeche mode, crystal method, lords of acid, darude