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Where do the Children Play 2015

Where do the Children Play 2015


genre: Acapella

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David Pendragon and Tribe World Ensemble
About David Pendragon and Tribe World Ensemble

Hi David Pendragon here, I have been a musician, recording engineer and producer for nearly 30 yrs. In that time my music has covered a lot of ground, I started with an acoustic guitar playing Crosby Stills, Jethro Tull kinda stuff and some of those influences continue in my present work. I have played all kinds of stuff from orchestral arrangements to metal, techno, almost anything except brass band!! Currently my music is incorporating all of my different tastes, having a high quality studio at home is fantastic!! The latest project is my most ambitious ever, it has been the most challenging experience of my life!!! TRIBE WORLD ENSEMBLE consists of a large number of Internet musicians [you may even be one of them!] who come together under my guidance as producer/writer, to create some of the finest music I have had the privilege of being involved with. On some of the songs you will find on this artist site, you will hear what I'm talkin 'bout! I am so blown away with the talent that is out there. It is vital to me and the core group TRIBE, that the Internet players get full and proper recognition for their input on this project, so when the album is released I will be posting up a list of players and links to their own sites. This is the FIRST album that I know of to be completely constructed over the Internet, hundreds of files involved being moved back and forth over the planet, believe me when I tell you, I reckon I'M now the BEST at lining up out of sync files!!! Sometimes [in most cases] the musicians had no idea what the final song would sound like!! I would like to thank all involved, especially our great host Chris Bishop for his playing and also this brilliant site, three cheers hip hip!!!! Peace on Earth is a song that I would like as many versions of as can be created to go out there into the world, so if you want to use the file and create your own version, please feel free to use it anyway you want, all I ask is a credit for the writing.  If you make money from it that's fine by me, just spend it in a worthwhile way and contribute some to others less fortunate than yourself. Peace

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