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Look Away

Look Away


genre: Folk

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David England
About David England
My name is David England. I began playing guitar,singing, and writing songs when I was in high school;and writing poetry even long before that. I had been in concert band, marching band, choir etc. up until that point. I started working with overdubs with two cassette players and a mixing board. Eventually I got a Yamaha four track recorder which opened the world of writing up to me even a little further. I, of course, played in various bands through the years singing and playing guitar...and even some keyboards. Later I would go on to attend Recording School and aquired a one inch sixteen track Otari machine. That was eye opening. Eventually, I would succumb to the ways of digital recording ( after sufficient bugs had been worked out of the format). I now use a combination of analog devices in conjuction with high end hard disc recording to have the best advatages of both worlds. I now write music and record with my drummer and friend Jim O'Connor at my home studio, MyPlanet Recording Studio. I would be really interested in finding a good keyboard player who shares some musical chemistry, and would love to be able to do some recording/playing with a violin player. So if there's anyone living close that visits this site...don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you're interested. PLEASE! DON'T LET ALL THE DIFFERENT STYLES SCARE YOU OFF...I TEND TO THINK MORE LIKE A PRODUCER THAN STRICTLY A MUSICIAN MOST OF THE TIME...I'VE ALWAYS WRITTEN MUSIC FOR MY MOODS......AND I HAVE A MILLION OF THEM!!!!!!!! I've had many influences musically: Queen, Rush, David Bowie, Uriah Heep, Ken Hensley,John Lawton,early Styx, early Journey, Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons, Yes, Rick Wakeman, Adrian Belew, ELP, ELO, etc. Another huge influence on my playing was the effect Spanish flamenco style had on my rhythm guitar playing, (ie. The Gipsy Kings... especially evident on my six and twelve string acoustic playing and classical guitar). I also have quite a passion for digital delays or echo which has quite a large influence on my more electronic pieces.