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In The Mean Time

In The Mean Time

album: Face Down In a Pool Of Dreams

genre: Acoustic

streams: 187

05/20/08 11:38:23PM @avmo:
Attention all the guitarists out there....this piece is absolutely beautiful. The playing is inventive and holds your attention throughout. On top of that, Dan's technique is flawless and the sound quality of this recording is absolutely superb. This piece is exquisite and show cases Mr. Tharp's command of the 6-string temptress.

This tune is AvMo Recommended!!


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Dan Tharp
About Dan Tharp
Hi! I'm Dan Tharp, a solo acoustic guitar player who plays classical and steel string guitar....but only in my spare time. I don't make a living as a musician. I'm actually a Development Manager heading up a small team of programmers at a transportation/logistics company called G&D Integrated (http://www.gdintegrated.com).
I've been playing guitar off and on since I was 13/14 but never could bring myself to perform or record because of "stage fright" and that stupid/crazy voice in my head that keeps telling me I'm not good enough to make a living at it.

So, I pay the bills the old fashioned way (with a real job) and play just for fun.

Well I'm in my 40's now and I've been thinking maybe it's time to get over that and start recording and maybe(?) performing again.
I just purchased a BOSS BR-600 Digital Recorder to record my pieces with. As I get the time, I'll start uploading them to this site.
By the way, the BR-600 is an AWESOME device. I recommend it highly!

I hope you enjoy the music. If you do, please pass this site along to your friends!

I'd really like as many people as possible to hear it. I appreciate any feedback anyone has to offer...good or bad.