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About Corrientes


All Corrientes music is recorded, mixed, and produced by Ivette Torres-(EV) in a home studio. Ivette is a Cuban-American born and raised in NY. Corrientes songs are in both English and Spanish. There is a section on the Corrientes website named “EVT Productions” which is dedicated to Corrientes recording information. Information about the gear being used and recording techniques are discussed here.

***All of our music is available for free download through Jamendo:

And, free ringtones through Myxer here:

Ivette (EV) writes, produces, and records songs creating studio albums, which are then taken to another level for live performance with the entire band.

The live sound is more raw and people are really enjoying it, and the band has decided to focus on getting more exposure for the the full band shows and recordings from these shows.

So, a Corrientes “Live” Ning has been created where free downloads of live performance recordings are available. And, live show albums are also being uploaded here on Last.fm as well.

You can check it out the Corrientes “Live” Ning page here:

The Corrientes “Live” band is currently:

EV - guitar and vocals
Tom - bass
Gary - drums and percussion
Bob - backing vocals and percussion

Corrientes has also been working on many collaboration projects with artists from all around the globe! You can see more about this from the Corrientes Collaborations Ning Social Network.