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Boogie Down Yonder

Boogie Down Yonder

album: You Gotta Play Piano

genre: Bluegrass

streams: 58


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Blaine McKenzie
About Blaine McKenzie
Blaine McKenzie (guitar, keys, vocals)
Self-taught, he began playing boogie-woogie and country on the family piano at a very young age. "Long before my feet could reach the floor from the bench," he recalls. He has played for years with bands around the Toronto area and also writes songs. He gained a reputation around the Ontario, Canada for his explosive Jerry Lee Lewis performances,

There is another side, however. Blaine loves blues, country and r&b guitar as well as the keys. He has also been fortunate enough to have performed with such well-known musicians as Ralph Cole (Lighthouse), Rich Dodson (The Stampeders), singers Amy Sky, Alan Frew (Glass Tiger), John Dudgeon (Steel River), Luke Gibson (Luke and The Apostles) the Juno Award-winning blues band Fathead and even a few times with Canadian Idol judge Zack Werner.

Blaine cites the late Jane Vasey of the Downchild Blues Band and boogie-woogie pioneer Earl "Father" Hines (both of whom he had met) as great influences. Blaine has regularly played between 30 and 40 engagements a year all over Ontario, and is still enjoying playing both original and classic tunes of all kinds.
Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Brian Wilson