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About ArtificialSound

Well I am Kenneth Knamuhs,I am 22 years old and I love to listen to sounds and ever since the introduction ofproducing sound through the means of electricity Sound has forever been changed(for the better I belive).I am from Brighton,Missouri USA,I have always listened to music,all kinds from Classical to Death Metal.But there was this stuff called "electronic music" Techno,Dance and Trance with all the other genres.I have never heard anything like this stuff before,and then I heard a track by the Frence duo Daft punk in 2004.And from then on I found myself trying to hear everything they produced and created.And in after finding myself wanting to hear something constructed in a certain manner I started to locate sequancers and such things in 05 to make these soundsĀ  blend the way I want them to and the things that helped me createwhat I was wanting to hear,So I said "I can do this".And so I did,and in late 2006 I aquired this software-Ejay Dance 6 the evolution-Which changed my whole outlook on things.I have been mixing and mastering since then.

Electromagnetic Impulses