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armure de ruisseaux
About armure de ruisseaux
Allen brooks
Allen is a multi timberal artist who has toured a majority of his adult life with various international bands and artists. A published poet and recording artist, Allen has recorded on countless projects ranging in many different styles. Some of you might know Allen as "Gamma Raye" from gothic rock group The Blessed Virgin Larry , endorsing for "Agile Guitars", playing bass guitar for MTV/Virgin recording artists "Roxx Gang", performing as Keith Richards in America's #1 Rolling Stones tribute act "Satisfaction", or as Bishop from Kansas City's own "Bishop Steel". Allen has recieved several awards recognizing his dedication to excellence in music and the arts, and has worked with such artists as Ratt, Jackyl, Foreigner, Head East, Black Oak Arkansas, Killer Dwarfs, Spread Eagle, Scatterbrain, Steppenwolf, Satisfaction, Fiance, Young Guns, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, Jimmy Van Zant, Neurepublik, Henry Lee Summer, The Producers, Tora Tora, L.A. Guns, George Lynch (Dokken), Daisy Berkowitz (Marilyn Manson), Kentucky Head Hunters, just to name a few.

Charlie armour
Charlie has a degree in music multi media. He is a classical film composer and has composed scores for the film Aswang , and has also produced scores for several documentaries. Charlie has worked with a number of rap and hip hop artist in the scene including Spitz of Renwick, Carly Bond, The Renegade Boys and also Latté D. Kyd, thats just a few of the artist he has worked with. Charlie can also play several instruments such as piano/keyboard, saxaphone and clarinet.

Armure de Ruisseaux
In January of 2007 both of these artists joined together to form Armure de Ruisseaux, and have started producing their own unique music blending electronic, rock and classical styles with drum and bass. The music is all written and recorded by Charlie Armour in London. Then it is shipped to Allen Brooks in The United States, where the vocals are written and recorded. At that time it is shipped back to London for mixing. We would like to thank Jamie Armour (singer and bass player of Third Summer), for playing acoustic guitar on our new track "REACH". We would also like to thank Tampa, Florida's own CHUNK, for rapping on our newest track "MUSIC". All songs are recorded demos and the guys are shopping for a label deal right now.