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my STAR*

my STAR*


genre: Acapella

streams: 286

02/13/08 10:54:45PM @the-deep:
hi- ive been listening to your music with much appreciation -- it is all very fine work. i love the touch of childs voice in this, I also really melt for the changes that come on at about 2.00 an d on. i love the distant mono-synth voice. ever so gorgeous. Love the piano... and everything here. shane
Anthony Cummings
03/24/08 12:40:49AM @science-of-sound:
Awesome track from Active that features Tony's (ActiveMinded) daughter, and isn't she sweet. Just listen to the production on this track, so well crafted and produced ... this is ambient electronica at its very best. POP recommended ***** Chris (Admin)
07/14/08 11:09:55PM @alderman:
What an wonderful relaxing ambient song. Love it! Awsome use of synth sounds and production. Also enjoyed your daugthers contribution :) Hight quality indeed ! Take care Leif


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Dabbled in production since 1984'ish, had a Casio RZ1 sampling drum machine and a tascam (Bounce Magic!!) 4 track tape recorder. Got some good results but was not realy vermently producing. 1997/8 when i aquired a pc is when things started to get a move on. produced my first proper complete track in 1998/1999 called "Electronic Pulsation" which was a wobbly gritty techy gargler. I am recently making more indepthed music with lush back drops. My problem is that i tend to make things to complicated. I have found that if its kept simple and orderly then the track's sounds work together with more cohesion.

Kraftwerk, Paul hardcastle, Ferry Corsten, Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills, Sade Adu.