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25 September

Guild Rules


Basic Behavior Rules:

Here in Twilight Guardians, our primary rule is that we want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves while playing the game. As such, our cardinal rules concern behavior, first and foremost. Violating these rules will prompt a discussion with the council; repeated violations can lead to removal from the guild.

1. All guild members are expected to be respectful and polite when dealing with other members of the community. Grieving, interfering with other players, and otherwise being a jerk is not permitted.

2. Humor is welcome! If someone is offended by a joke, apologize and move on; if you're offended, state that and then move on. There's no need to go into depth on the matter.

3. Adult language in guild chat is permitted, but would be more appropriate in guild voice.

4. All players are expected to treat officers and other guild members with respect and politeness.

5. Keep in mind that a lot of members use the guild voice and therefore may not see someone asking questions in guild chat. For quicker results in having a question answered or a problem resolved use guild voice chat.

6. All guild members that plan on raiding with the guild are required to have the following addons:

A. Teamspeak – Guild Voice

B. RCLoot Council – Loot System

C. Deadly Boss Mods Or Big Wigs Raid Helper

7. Members that are interested in raiding should sign up on the guild calendar. It is each member responsibility to show up 15 minutes before raid time and be prepared. Being prepared means having appropriate potions and food needed to enhance the toons ability. * Don't sign up and not showup noone wants to wait around for another person to be able to do event.

8. Not having appropriate potions & Food may lead to being kick from the raid for not being prepared.

9. Rage quiting guild events may lead to a violation and the said party may be punished by not being accepted into any guild events for a period of no longer than a month. If said member rage quits repeatly they may be demoted and or not allowed to take place in guild events.

*As long as raid members keep donating matts that make potions and food buffs to donation tab We will try and keep it available for raid members.


All players are expected to show up before guild events at least ten minutes before the designated start time. That doesn't mean you need to be in the right spot and waiting for ten minutes, but you should be online and have any and all prerequisite content completed beforehand.

In the event that you fail to complete prerequisite content before an event, the Raid Leader and/or council have the right to remove you from the group and bring someone else. Similarly, if you are more than ten minutes late to a guild event, the Raid Leader and/or council have the right to start the event without you and not permit you to join after the fact.

Consistently signing up for events and showing up late is considered a violation of guild rules.Non-members are NOT ALLOWED to attend guild events.Members are expected to be online at least once per month for at least a brief period. If circumstances will require you to be offline for an extended period of time, notify a council member ahead of time if you can. Without notifications, older characters will be removed from the guild for inactivity.Our main focus in this guild is on raiding end content.

That means that the majority of events should correspond with that. While other events are more than welcome, the events that we focus upon will take precedence, and in the event that someone is consistently only making and attending events contrary to our focus we may start canceling those events or discussing the matter with the player in question.

Council Members:

Our council members are Dryfus, Badkitt, Manatapwater, Zorx, Fathersteve Colm and Sab

If any questions that are needed answered or a request for something out of the guild bank please go to one of the council members.

(For quicker results in having a question answered or a problem resolved use guild voice chat.)

Council members are appointed based upon experience, ability, and trustworthiness over time. While council have authority over other guild members, they are not "superior" to other members and should not be considered as such. All members are subject to the same rules.

If you have a problem with one of the Council, please report it to another Council promptly. This includes situations wherein an council makes you uncomfortable or appears to be violating the rules of the guild for any reason. We strive for transparency and accountability, but we don't always succeed; let us know if we make mistakes so we can correct them in the future.


Violating the rules of the guild is something that we take seriously, as it can lead to hard feelings and damage overall group cohesion. In the event that someone is violating the rules of the guild, we will investigate the matter and take appropriate action, whether the player in question is a council or not.In the event that someone is behaving contrary to the rules, the first step is a discussion with the player in question and a notification that there is a problem. No further action will be taken, and if nothing else happens within a month the entire thing can be forgotten.A separate or continuing incident requires further steps. Someone who is consistently behaving contrary to the guild rules will be assigned a probationary rank with limited privileges for a month's time pending any further behavior violations. Further behavior issues will be dealt with via removal from the guild.If someone is removed from the guild due to inactivity, they may reapply and rejoin the guild with no penalty whatsoever. If someone is removed from the guild due to behavior violations, they will not be permitted to reapply in the future.It's important to keep in place the idea that players who screw up consistently enough to get removed don't get to just walk back in after some time has passed and the heat of the moment is over. Gone needs to be gone.

10 September

New Guild Changes

Sabastan 0 Comments

Hello guildies with the server crash that occured last week all the data for the past month was lost. Due to this I went ahead and created a bran new format on the site. With this change we will also be changing the looting arrangements from DKP to loot council. We will run this format to see how it works out. If this format does not seem to be working out we will then switch back to the DKP system. If this occurs all members will start fresh with a base of 200 dkp points.

10 September

Loot Council

Sabastan 0 Comments

Loot council is a relatively simple way to distribute loot. Whenever an item is involved in the loot system, a group of individuals decides who gets the item. Ideally, this group of individuals takes into consideration several different factors, ranging from attendance, performance, size of upgrade, and committment. When bringing in an alt to a raid the alt is last inline to receive loot to all mains. When having to fill in as a healer, or tank main raid tanks or healers shall take priority over fill ins. It's worth noting that Loot Council systems are the most popular method of loot distribution in world-class raiding guilds.

Raid members will be required to download this mod for the smooth transistion RCLootCouncil

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